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City of South Bend is seeking local employers to participate in Commuters Trust program

Lack of reliable transportation can be a big headache for employees in our region. A flat tire or missed bus can cause absences that lead to employee termination.

To address this issue, the City of South Bend was awarded a $1M grant through the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge. The City established Commuters Trust to provide more transportation options to local shift workers. The program is currently running a large pilot with 200+ employees at 3 employers and provides discounted Lyft rides and Transpo bus passes. Read about the current pilot in the South Bend Tribune.

The City is looking to add additional employer partners in early 2020 for the next 6-month phase. Good candidates for partnership meet the following criteria:

  • Located within city limits or roughly 5 miles from city center
  • Employ 30+ shift workers
  • Willing to share data on employee absenteeism/late arrivals
  • Willing to share costs of the program (the City will subsidize costs through its grant during 2020 pilots)

What’s in it for you?
 75% of participants in our current pilot have reported they have been able to work more shifts or avoid missing a shift due to this program, saving their employers in the cost of missed shifts and overtime.

Interested? Contact Commuters Trust director Aaron Steiner at [email protected] for more information, or see the program website at