Webinar- Benefits of Building Self Awareness


September 17, 2020
11:45 AM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT
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Developing high self-awareness has consistently brought greater success to careers through better decision-making, more effective communication and the development of more vital relationships.


Self-aware people are genuinely more satisfied, enjoy better health and a richer life, are more self-confident, and have greater peace of mind than their less self-aware counterparts.


SHRM members are in a perfect position to utilize Self-awareness skills, not only for their own development, but for the advancement of their colleagues as well.


The Program Outline:

  • Who is as happy, healthy, successful, affluent, influential as they want to be?
  • Review last 30 yrs. - lack of growth, OECD statistics.
  • How understanding our values sets the stage for a successful life.
  • How to easily turn goals into reality.
  • Understanding and utilizing our emotions for the highest levels of achievement. Emotions are the driver behind our motivation, inspiration and performance.


Key learning goals include:

  • Identifying our values and beliefs, creating a more authentic self
  • How we can become our most dynamic self, by developing a results-oriented mindset
  • How we can generate the power that sets great leaders apart.
  • Learning the value our feelings provide in unleashing our greatest influence and inspiration, and how our feeling/emotions activate excellence in our behaviors.


The benefits of developing greater self-awareness include:

  • Better decision-making
  • Great self- confidence
  • Stronger relationships
  • More effective communications


Tom Searcy, BCC, is a life coach who guides his clients with a whole-person perspective as they move towards self-mastery. Throughout Tom’s career, he has excelled on a national stage. Money Magazine recognized him as one of the top 200 financial planning professionals in the United States. Financial planning taught him that it was limiting attitudes and beliefs, not financial roadblocks, that most determined success or failure.

Tom recognized that negative beliefs and attitudes limit people in every aspect of their lives. This observation is one of many reasons why he redirected his concentration from guiding clients on financial decisions to guiding them towards a more whole-authentic-self.


Today, growth in self-awareness and emotional intelligence are increasingly recognized as two critical unmet needs, not only in the business world, but in society generally. The tools and methodology Tom Searcy employ to bring about powerful changes for the benefit of his clients are unique, efficient and dynamic.

1.0 SHRM and 1.0 HRCI recertification credits pending approval.

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