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TruPay offers HR & Payroll Solutions for businesses of all sizes featuring easy-to-use cloud-based software and dedicated account specialists.


Beacon Health System is the region’s most trusted partner and guide to creating and maintaining health and well-being. Their award-winning partners – Elkhart General Hospital, Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Beacon Children’s Hospital, Beacon Home Care and Beacon Medical Group – are powered by our more than 7,000 associates providing the best care possible to people of all ages. As the regional leader in childbirth, mental health, cancer, pediatrics, trauma, heart and vascular care, stroke, surgery, weight loss services and community health programs, Beacon Health System is helping our region achieve the highest quality of life.


The Horton Group is an experienced leader in the employee benefits and health insurance field.  Their team has managed hundreds benefit programs with a focus on keeping their clients costs below comparable levels experienced by other employers. Horton's aggressive management technique includes a number of internal medical management techniques and preventive health initiatives.

As the healthcare reform continues to evolve, the Horton Group has remained ahead of the game. With leading-edge technology, they are able to obtain meaningful information that helps them evaluate cost drivers, trends, and savings opportunities associated with our clients’ medical benefits. In addition, they work to evaluate the impact of various plan administration and management initiatives, forecast the impact of future plan changes and offer solutions to keep benefit packages attractive to current and potential new employees.